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The Council

The City of Adrian is operated by the Mayor Kim Adams and five council members, Jesse Yawn, Zelda Sumner, Wynola Smith, and Suzanne Hutchinson. The council operates with a weak mayor and a strong council.The council meets at least once a month at the Community Center Annex on Nora Blvd. The public is always welcome to attend the meetings. If you are interested in signing up to speak at the meeting you can do so at City Hall. 

Council Meetings

PLACE: The Adrian Community Center Annex located on Nora Blvd.

TIME: Second Monday of every month at 6:00pm



MONDAY, APRIL 8, 2019 AT 6:00PM



I. Call Meeting to Order: Mayor Kim Adams called meeting to order at 6:00pm.


II. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance: All in attendance stood for the pledge.


III. Adoption of Agenda: CM Hutchinson made a motion to adopt the agenda. Motion seconded by CM ZSumner and carried by CM Yawn and CM Smith. Motion passed. Agenda adopted.


IV. Announcements:

  1. Financial Disclosure- Clerk Jean reminded the council that their Financial Disclosure forms are due and asked for them to get them to her as soon as they can.


V. Public Speakers:  

  1. Skip Evans spoke before the council about the problems the city has had with his company. CM ZSumner made a motion to give the company a 90 day probation period to fix the problems and if they were not fixed by the end of the 90 days the company would be terminated. CM Hutchinson seconded the motion. CM Smith voted in favor of the motion and CM Yawn voted against the motion. Motion passed.


VI. Adoption of Minutes:  CM Yawn made a motion to accept the March 11th minutes and the March 11th executive minutes. CM Smith seconded the motion and motion was carried by CM ZSumner and CM Hutchinson. Motion passed. Agenda adopted.


VII. Reconciliations: CM Hutchinson made a motion to accept all bank statements and reconciliations for March 2019. Motion seconded by CM Yawn and carried by CM Smith and CM ZSumner. Motion passed.


VIII. Unfinished Business:

  1. Garbage Company- Already discussed under speakers.


IX. New Business:

  1. Sale of Welder- The council agreed to sell a welder on gov deals with a starting bid of $7,000.

  2. Slow Children Signs and Road Signs- The council agreed to go ahead and purchase all slow children at play signs and to have Clerk Jean get 3 bids for the street signs needed and to present them at the next council meeting.

  3. TIA Money – Mayor Kim Adams informed the council that there needs to be a decision made about how the city will be spending their TSPLOST money. She asked for a list of what needs to be done for road work on city streets and what needs to be done on any state roads. CM Yawn suggested a culvert that needs to be replaced on a city street. She will present the list once she gets it at the next meeting she attends for TSPLOST.


X. Reports:

Department Head Reports

  1. Fire Department- Chief Yawn reported that the Fire Department had a total of 6 calls for the month of March. He stated that the fire department is in need of a few small generators.

  2. Street/Water Department- CM Yawn reported that the culvert on the city road needs to be replaced soon. He would like to get to it in the next few weeks. He then reported that there is a water main leak on HWY 80. They will start working on it Wednesday. He asked the clerks to inform everyone that water may be shut off that day due to working on the leak.

  3. Police Department- Chief Pennington reported details of a case he worked on with Johnson County, a high speed chase he was involved in, and 2 arrests for driving while license suspended and false name and date of birth. He issued a total of 71 citations since the last council meeting.

  4. Safety Department- Felicia Owen- Nothing to report.

  5. Recreation Department- Mayor Adams reported that the Spring Fling went well despite the rain. Next the city will be having the Easter Egg Hunt on April 20th. The city will also be hosting a kick ball tournament for children ages 9-15 on June 8th.


Council Members

  1. Wynola Smith- Nothing to report.

  2. Zelda Sumner asked for the street and water department to start using the wood chipper to take care of them limbs around the city. Since it hasn’t been used recently she suggested that they test one street and block off the road.

  3. Suzanne Hutchinson- Nothing to report.

  4. Jesse Yawn- Nothing to report.



  1. Mayor Kim Adams - Announced that the city will be receiving a new flag and flag pole. They are being donated by the Johnson County Woodmen of the World.


XI. Adjournment: CM Yawn made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:15pm. Motion seconded by CM Smith and carried by CM ZSumner and CM Hutchinson. Motion passed.

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