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The Council

The City of Adrian is operated by Mayor Wynola Smith and council members Jesse Yawn, Michelle Love, Orweco Hutchinson , Suzanne Hutchinson, and Robert Fountain Jr. The council operates with a weak mayor and a strong council. The council meets at least once a month at the Community Center Annex on Nora Blvd. The public is always welcome to attend the meetings. If you are interested in signing up to speak at the meeting you can do so at City Hall. 

Council Meetings

PLACE: The Adrian Community Center Annex located on Nora Blvd.

TIME: Second Monday of every month at 6:00pm



MONDAY, APRIL 11 2022 AT 6:00PM




I. Call Meeting to Order: Mayor Smith called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.


II. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance: All in attendance stood for the pledge including new council members CM OHutchinson and CM Fountain. CM SHutchinson led the invocation.


III. Adoption of Agenda: CM SHutchinson made a motion to adopt the agenda. Motion seconded by CM Yawn. Motion carried by CM Love, CM OHutchinson, and CM Fountain. Motion passed.


IV. Announcements: None


V. Public Speakers: None


VI. Adoption of Minutes: CM Yawn made a motion to adopt the March 14th minutes. CM SHutchinson seconded the motion. Motion carried by CM Fountain, CM OHutchinson, and CM Love. Motion passed.


VII. Reconciliations: Mayor Smith updated the council on the reconciliations. They are working on being completed. The court account is reconciled up to date, the general account is into 2021, and the water account is on hold until Southern Software is available.


VIII. Unfinished Business:

  1. Bids for Bank Building- Mayor Smith opened two sealed bids for the bank building from Robert Merrill and Johnson Construction. The council discussed the bids and agreed to get a scope of work done and rebid the job.

  2. Water leak on Hwy 15- The maintenance department will be looking into the leak to try and find where the leak is coming from and then go from there.

  3. Update on Reconciliations- spoken about previously.

  4. Update on Renovations to Concession Stand- CM Love updated the council on the plans for the renovations and stated that they hoped to get started working on it this week.

  5. Fun Day Events- Mayor Smith spoke about the Fun Day event held on Saturday by the Hinton house.

  6. Update on July 4th Events- CM SHutchinson updated the council with the plans for the 4th of July. The event will start at 3pm, parade at 6pm and entertainment at 7pm with fireworks at dark. The council discussed purchasing fireworks for the event. CM Yawn stated that the price had increased in the past year. CM Fountain suggested taking monetary donations to help with the cost difference.

  7. Update on Emanuel County SPLOST- Mayor Smith spoke with the council about the Emanuel County Splost meeting she attended. She explained the process of the splost and informed the council to keep in mind ideas and take suggestion what the next splost should be used for.

  8. Yard of the Month- Mayor Smith announced that Tammy and John Morrison were awarded Yard of the Month for April.

  9. Charter Update- Mayor Smith spoke about the charter stating that they were going to allow the new council members to look over both charters and add any input.

  10. Father’s Among Men Program Update- Mayor Smith stated that the Fathers Among Men would be having sign ups at the community center on April 13-14 at 5pm.

IX. New Business:

  1. Introduction of New City Council Members- Mayor Smith introduced the new council members Robert Fountain Jr. and Orweco Hutchinson.

  2. Renewal of GIRMA Insurance- Mayor Smith informed the council that the GIRMA renewal is coming up and the city has received the quote that will be paid in multiple payments.

  3. Employee Evaluations- Will be discussed in executive session.

  4. Dumpsters- Dumpsters are available at City hall. There is one for limbs and one for household items.

  5. Mayor Pro Tem- Mayor Smith stated that they had not discussed Mayor pro tem for the year and asked for the council to think about nominations to be discussed at a later time.


X. Recess Regular Meeting: CM Yawn made a motion to go out of regular session and into executive session at 6:42pm. CM Love seconded the motion. Motion carried by CM Fountain, CM OHutchinson, and CM SHutchinson. Motion passed.


XI. Executive Session: Personnel


XII. Call Regular Meeting to order: CM SHutchinson made a motion to go out of executive session and into regular session at 7:37pm. Motion seconded by CM Yawn. Motion carried by CM OHutchinson, CM Fountain, and CM Love. Motion passed.


CM Yawn made a motion to take Harry Ricks off of his probationary period and give him a $2/hr raise. Motion seconded by CM Love. Motion carried by CM Fountain, CM OHutchinson, and CM SHutchinson. Motion passed.


CM SHutchinson made a motion to take Andreana Michael off of her probationary period and give her a $1/hr raise. Motion seconded by CM Yawn. Motion carried by CM Love, CM Fountain, and CM OHutchinson. Motion passed.


CM SHutchinson made a motion to extend Taylor Hudson’s probation period for 90 days. Motion seconded by CM OHutchinson. Motion carried by CM Fountain, CM Love, and CM Yawn. Motion passed.


XIII. Reports:

Department Head Reports

  1. Fire Department- Chief Yawn presented the council with the department’s calls for January through March. He stated that he started looking for a vehicle for the department.

  2. Street/Water Department- CM Yawn stated that they are working towards fixing the leak on HWY 15 and are still accepting application for the departments.

  3. Police Department- Chief Strickland reported that the department is still having a high call volume. There was a drug related incident involving an 18 month old infant recently that he has reached out to the GBI for assistance with the case. He also stated that he is in looking into flashing speed signs and getting quotes. The council discussed the speed limit issues and asked if it could have to do with the time of the green light on HWY 15.

  4. Safety Department- CM Hutchinson reported that things are going well with the department and their next meeting will be in July.

  5. Recreation Department- Discussed earlier.


Council Members

  1. Suzanne Hutchinson- Nothing to report.

  2. Jesse Yawn- Nothing to report.

  3. Michelle Love- Nothing to report.

  4. Orweco Hutchinson- Nothing to report.

  5. Robert Fountain Jr.- Asked about the dumpster placement issue. The council discussed the matter but could not find a solution. They stated hopefully next year they would have another place to the dumpsters.


Mayor Wynola Smith- nothing to report


XIV. Adjournment: CM Yawn made a motion to adjourn the meeting 8:04pm. Motion seconded by CM SHutchinson. Motion carried by CM Love, CM Fountain, and CM OHutchinson. Meeting adjourned.

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