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The Council

The City of Adrian is operated by Mayor Wynola Smith and council members Jesse Yawn, Zelda Sumner, Michelle Leirer-Love, Ed Brown, and Suzanne Hutchinson. The council operates with a weak mayor and a strong council. The council meets at least once a month at the Adrian Community Center Annex on Nora Blvd. The public is always welcome to attend the meetings. If you are interested in signing up to speak at the meeting you can do so at City Hall. 

Council Meetings

PLACE: The Adrian Community Center Annex located on Nora Blvd.

TIME: Second Monday of every month at 6:00pm



MONDAY, August 10, 2020, 2020 AT 6:00PM



I. Call Meeting to Order: Mayor Smith called the meeting to order at 6:05pm.


II. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance: All in attendance stood for the pledge.


III. Adoption of Agenda: CM Hutchinson made a motion to adopt the agenda. Motion seconded by CM Yawn. All were in favor. Motion passed.


IV. Announcements:

  1. Covid-19 Update- Employee policy.

  2. Projects Update- W. Green St. needs to be redone along with Church St. CM Brown has the papers for the property.

  3. Verizon Tower Update- Tower is not operational.

  4. Cares Act Update- Expenses covered due to COVID. Will receive payment for $10,490.00.

  5. LMIG Update- Currently being worked on and will finalize this week.

  6. Mil Rate Update- Waiting on the paperwork from Emanuel County.

  7. Financial Disclosures- Have been faxed and approved.


V. Public Speakers:

  1. Julia Garman- Spoke about some issues they have with the city.

  2. Terra Dixon- Not in attendance.

  3. Bobbie Fann- Not in attendance.

  4. Elgin Dixon- Not in attendance.

  5. Teresa Jefferson- Not in attendance.


VI. Adoption of Minutes:  CM Yawn made a motion to accept the July 20, 2020 minutes. Motion seconded by CM Hutchinson. All in favor. Motion passed.


VII. Reconciliations: CM Hutchinson made a motion to accept the January through June Reconciliations. Motion seconded by CM Love. All in favor. Motion passed.


VIII. Unfinished Business:

  1. Bonnie Kelley’s Letter of Intent- has been sent.

  2. Water Bill Extentions- Water bills were mailed out late, late fees will be added on the 17th and cut off will remain the 21st.

  3. Qualifying- Will be held 17-19th 8:30-4:30. The qualifying fee with be $27.

  1. New Business:

  1. Girma Statement- Will be $21,424.00 and will be made in payments.

  2. DCA Reports- Have been filed.

  3. Cleaning/Disinfecting Update/Statement- Office has been cleaned. The invoice was $800.

  4. Workshops- CM Hutchinson made a motion to suspend all workshops until January and to revisit the topic then. Motion seconded by CM ZSumner. All in favor. Motion passed.


IX. Reports:

Department Head Reports

  1. Fire Department- Chief Yawn reported that there have been a lot of cases of COVID and the hospitals are filling up.

  2. Street/Water Department- CM Yawn had nothing to report.  CM ZSumner asked about fire hydrant flushing. The council discussed it.

  3. Police Department- Chief Strickland reported that there has been a low call volume but traffic wise everything was opening up. The pancake supper went great.

  4. Safety Department- Felicia Owen was not in attendance.

  5. Recreation Department- Nothing to report.


Council Members

  1. Zelda Sumner- Nothing to report.

  2. Suzanne Hutchinson- Asked about fireworks for Labor Day. A decision will be made later.

  3. Jesse Yawn- Nothing to report.

  4. Michelle Love- Nothing to report.

  5. Ed Brown- Nothing to report.


Mayor-Wynola Smith- Asked the council how they felt about hiring part time help for the office. The matter was tabled until September.


X. Recess Regular Meeting: None


XI. Executive Session: None


XII. Call Regular Meeting to order: None


XIII. Adjournment: The council voted to adjourn the meeting 7:00pm.

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