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The Council

The City of Adrian is operated by Mayor Wynola Smith and council members Jesse Yawn, Julie Griffin, Michelle Leirer-Love, Ed Brown, and Suzanne Hutchinson. The council operates with a weak mayor and a strong council. The council meets at least once a month at the Community Center Annex on Nora Blvd. The public is always welcome to attend the meetings. If you are interested in signing up to speak at the meeting you can do so at City Hall. 

Council Meetings

PLACE: The Adrian Community Center Annex located on Nora Blvd.

TIME: Second Monday of every month at 6:00pm







I. Call Meeting to Order: Mayor Smith called the meeting 6:00pm.


II. Invocation by CM Love and Pledge of Allegiance: CM Love, CM Hutchinson, and CM Griffin were in attendance. CM Yawn was not in attendance.


III. Adoption of Agenda: CM Love made a motion to amend the agenda to include microphones, Law Enforcement and First Responder Supplement, and an executive session for employees and litigation. Motion seconded by CM Hutchinson. Motion carried by CM Griffin.


IV. Announcements: None


V. Public Speakers: None


VI. Adoption of Minutes: CM Hutchinson made a motion to adopt the September 13th minutes and executive minutes. Motion seconded by CM Love. Motion carried by CM Griffin.


VII. Reconciliations: Mayor Smith stated that the reconciliations that the city has asked to be done have been completed by Southern Software. They will set up a training session for the clerk soon.


VIII. Unfinished Business:

  1. EPA Grant- Mayor Smith announced that the grant has been increased the possible amount to be received from $300,000 to $500,000. She stated that the application process is moving along.

  2. Bank Building Roof Estimates- Mayor Smith read two bids for the roof of the bank building. One from Roof US for $22,750 and one from Peebles Roofing for $43,000 for shingle or 47,000 for metal. The Mayor stated she would get a quote on the price to just repair the leak for the meantime and look into a grant for replacing the roof.

  3. Knapp Building- Mayor Smith stated that she spoke with Eric McDaniel about the building and he stated there was a possibility that the top half of the building would be able to stay up as well because of the support from the building beside it.

  4. Bank Reconciliations- spoke about previously.

  5. Safety Grant- CM Hutchinson reported that the safety grant is almost complete and should be turned in within the next week.

  6. Microphones- Mayor Smith read the two quotes presented for microphones. CM Hutchinson made a motion to purchase the wireless microphone set for $2,684. Motion seconded by Griffin. Motion carried by CM Love.


IX. New Business:

  1. Adoption of Emanuel County Hazard Mitigation Plan- Mayor Smith informed the council of the Hazard Mitigation and signed the plan.

  2. Millage Rate- Mayor Smith informed the council what the roll back millage rate would be for this year and they agreed they would like to stay with roll back rate. They will advertise the meeting in the paper and there will be a meeting on Wednesday, October 20th at 5:00pm.

  3. District 9 Meeting Update- Mayor Smith stated the District 9 meeting will be in Hazelhurst on October 12th 5:30-7:30.

  4. Law Enforcement and First Responder Supplement- Mayor Smith announced the new program that has been created for law enforcement first responders in the state of Georgia. She stated that once able to she will apply for those who qualify in the city.

  5. Cleaning City Hall- The Mayor and council discussed hiring someone to clean city hall. CM Hutchinson made a motion. CM Love seconded the motion. CM Griffin did not vote to complete the motion. The council couldn’t agree on a price to pay the cleaner. Mayor Smith postponed the matter.

  6. Welcome Sign on Hwy 15- Mayor Smith stated that the Welcome sign on HWY 15 coming from Soperton was damaged and needs to be replaced. The insurance company of the driver will pay for the repairs.

  7. Signup for Meeting- Mayor Smith proposed to the council to move the speaker signup for the meetings to the Thursday before the council meeting at 12pm.  The council agreed.


X. Recess Regular Meeting: CM Hutchinson made a motion to go out of regular session and into executive session at 6:29pm. Motion seconded by CM Love. Motion carried by CM Griffin.


XI. Executive Session:  Employees & Litigation


XII. Call Regular Meeting to order: CM Hutchinson made a motion to go out of executive session and into regular session at 6:39pm. Motion seconded by CM Love. Motion carried by CM Griffin.


XIII. Reports:

  1. Department Head Reports

  1. Fire Department- Chief Yawn was not in attendance.

  2. Street/Water Department- Mayor Smith reported that they are down to 1 1/2workers at the moment. They are trying to get the roads cleaned up and will hopefully be able to catch up soon.

  3. Police Department- Chief Strickland reported that the past month had been busy for the department. He addressed some issues that were reported over the weekend and stated that he will look into who was responsible and it will not happen again.  He stated that the cameras are up and running again at the traffic light. The Back the Blue Event will be on November 13th. He then asked the council to discuss changing the salary for the full time police position at a later point in time.

  4. CM Hutchinson made a motion to terminate employee, Daniel Mincey. Motion seconded by CM Love. Motion carried by CM Griffin.

  5. Safety Department- report done previously.

  6. Recreation Department- CM Love reported that the department will be working on the Back the Blue Event and renovation the concession stands.


Council Members

  1. Julie Griffin- reported that she has been trying to contact a company about the equipment for the concession stands but the phone number was no longer in service. She is looking for another way to get in contact to them.

  2. Suzanne Hutchinson- stated that a citizen suggested moving the Christmas parade but the rec dept. has decided to keep it as is.

  3. Jesse Yawn- not in attendance

  4. Michelle Love- nothing to report


Mayor Wynola Smith- nothing to report.


XIV. Adjournment: CM Hutchinson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:03pm. Motion seconded by CM Love. Motion carried by CM Griffin. Meeting adjourned.

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