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The Council

The City of Adrian is operated by Mayor Wynola Smith and council members Jesse Yawn, Zelda Sumner, Michelle Leirer-Love, Ed Brown, and Suzanne Hutchinson. The council operates with a weak mayor and a strong council. The council meets at least once a month at the Adrian Community Center Annex on Nora Blvd. The public is always welcome to attend the meetings. If you are interested in signing up to speak at the meeting you can do so at City Hall. 

Council Meetings

PLACE: The Adrian Community Center Annex located on Nora Blvd.

TIME: Second Monday of every month at 6:00pm



MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2020, 2020 AT 6:00PM



I. Call Meeting to Order: 6:00 pm


II. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance: All in attendance


III. Adoption of Agenda: CM Yawn made a motion to accept the agenda as is.  Seconded by CM Sumner.  All voted.  Motion passed. 

IV. Announcements:

  1. Computer Update- Mayor- Discussed the computer update at no charge.  He will only be working remotely from now, not only because of COVID, but more convenient.  The IT will come to the office if we have any issues.

  2. Election Update- Election will take place on November3, 2020.  We will sit down with Sue Parrish, because she has helped in the past, to order election supplies.  Mayor announced qualified candidates and Post.  Post 1 will be Michelle Love and Judy Garman.  Post 4- Zelda Sumner and Julie Griffin.  Post 5- Suzanne Hutchinson and Kim Adams. And we always ask Nick Alfonso to call out ballots.  I wanted to ask him if he would do that again this year.  We will be getting ballots together and ordered and getting it in the paper.  Stephanie has a time-line that she prints out for the registrars office and we will be doing so in a timely manner.  CM Hutchinson asked when early voting starts.  The Mayor advised early voting starts Monday, October 12 for 3 consecutive weeks and also that starts the date we can send absentee ballots out.   Mayor asked was there any more questions concerning the election. Julie Griffin says “I would like to withdraw my name in the election”. The Mayor asked Clerk Jean if she had the paper for Julie to sign and she advised she would print one when back in office for her to sign.  “We don’t have anyone running  in Post 4 since Zelda has no opposition and it will Post 1 and Post 5. 


V. Public Speakers: None.


VI. Adoption of Minutes:  August Minutes- CM YAWN made a motion to pass August

  minutes as they stand. CM LOVE seconded.  All voted.  Motion passed.


VII. Reconciliations: Bank statements and reconciliations- CLERK JEAN- I have reconciled all accounts except the General Fund, because the bank did not give us credit for a $132.42 check franchise fee, but everything else is reconciled until August. made a motion to accept bank recons. seconded.  All voted. Motion Passed. 

VIII. Unfinished Business: 

  1. Review Public Health Policy- Mayor- One concern regarding the policy is the city has adopted a Public Health Policy. Is the 80 hrs. per occurrence or what does that mean? Some people may need to be out more than 1 time so we need to make it clear in the new policy.  CM Sumner- I don’t have the policy in front of me, but the federal paper that we got in the beginning when all this started stated 80 hours for COVID.  Clerk Jean- That is per occurrence.  CM Yawn and CM Love agreed. CM Hutchinson- Not according to that its not.  CM Sumner- We have had 3 officers that has had COVID twice and the City of Swainsboro is not paying but for 80 hours and once they hit that that’s it. Then they have to take their personal sick leave. Clerk Jean- It is changing weekly, but I can contact the Health Department or somebody to verify.  CM Sumner- The Human Resource personnel in Swainsboro called last week to verify the officer’s result, but once their 80 hours are up then they take sick leave or they don’t get paid. Unless they got some other leave to take.  The reason is because they said the small places and the small businesses and the small towns could not keep incurring that 80 hour loss over and over and over for employees and still survive and there’s no way that if all of our employees keep having it every 2 or 3 weeks and we keep having to pay, I mean we gone go broke somewhere. So to me once they hit their 80 hrs.  According to that sheet right there then I think it should be done with. CM Brown- So that means if that if they get it one time and they are out 3 days and they get it again they can get up to 80? CM Sumner and the Mayor agreed.  Mayor- And that’s what I understand but I have been hearing comments from different areas, and I wanted us to be clear on what we were doing, and we need to have it in writing. CM Brown- Who tells us about this.  Clerk Jean- GMA they keep us updated.  Mayor- And they usually go by the recommendations from the CDC, the Dept of Health.  CM Brown- Can someone call them to find out exactly what there recommendation is? Mayor- Yeah and they go along with the very same thing we have here. I mean you could check again if you’d like to, but like I said my whole thing for bringing it tonight was I just think we need to be clear on it.  And before we adopt a policy, we need to have specifically have in this policy so we know what we need to go by. CM Yawn- I thought it was until the pandemic was over. CM Sumner- The pandemic is never going to be over. CM Yawn agreed. CM Sumner- COVID is here to stay.  CM Yawn- But, Stephanie can follow up on it and we can always come back. Mayor- So when we call tomorrow and this still stands I want to know how to update the policy. So up to 80 per lifetime and that’s the end of it. Is that what yall want to say? CM Hutchinson- Up to 80 hours a lifetime and after that it will be sick leave. CM Sumner- I don’t even have a problem with once a year. Mayor- So 80 hours per year? If its COVID related? CM Sumner- 80 hours annually. Mayor- So I need a motion and a second. CM Sumner- I would like for you and Stephanie both to be in there together and make that call so that yall can both hear what is said at the same time so its clear to. You know 1 person can misinterpret something one way and you can hear something and take it another way. So they both need to be together to make that phone call and both of you hear it and then we can go from there.  Mayor- So 80 hours annually? CM Sumner- Well I think after the election you won’t have to worry about it. CM Brown- I thought it wasn’t going away though?  Mayor- Stephanie and I will make that call and update the policy and send a copy to everybody and everybody respond please. So we can get it updated.  CM Hutchinson- I am going to make a motion that we check on that and update the COVID policy, and to make it yearly. Mayor- Repeats motion. CM Yawn seconds. All vote. Motion Passed. 


IX. New Business: 


(1) Business License- Mayor- I want to talk about business license.  Troy Parrish has      asked,    well he has put in an application for a business license for the pecan processing like they have over there every year. And he said usually his Uncle Charles would include it like part of his hardware business, and it would be included, but Troy didn’t know with his the pest control business license would include and he could not attend the meeting.  I told him I would bring it before the council, and what he intended to do, and get a vote on it and would get back with him. CM Yawn- I make a motion that we allow Troy Parrish’s pest control license extend to include the pecan business. Mayor-Repeats motion and ask for a second. CM Love seconds. All voted. Motion passed.


(2) Daniel Mincey 90 day evaluation-  Mayor- We have an employee that has been with us 90 days, Daniel Mincey, known also as “Snoopy”, he has been with us 90 days and we usually look at what a new employee is doing and if we are satisfied with everything, and agree on it and if we do it look at it and try to bring them up to what the others are. So what does everybody think about that?  CM Yawn- I think he is definitely doing a good job. I don’t have any problem at all with his work ethics or performance. I talked to Johnny, and he hasn’t had any problems. CM Hutchinson- So we don’t have to make a motion to do it do we? Mayor- We do for his increase. CM Hutchinson- ok. Mayor- because we are at the end of his 90 days. CM Yawn- Do you remember what it was when Wardale got his raise? Mayor- Its when everybody got the $1 for the health insurance that is when it was. CM Yawn- So Wardale never got a 90 day evaluation? Mayor- No but we talked about it and it was during the time everyone got the increase for the health insurance. So what do yall think. CM Yawn- I’d like to bring them up equally, but that is just me. Clerk Jean- And Wardale goes to take his water test on Friday. CM Yawn- And if he passes it he is subject to an increase. So I make a motion that we bring him up to what Wardale is making. Mayor- Repeats motion and ask for a second. CM Love- Seconds. All voted. Motion passed.  


(3) Letter to bank- Mayor- Next we have the letter we have talked about it to the   

bank so Felicia can be added to be able to sign checks. Now on this Jesse made a valid point that Stephanie and Felicia won’t be able to sign checks together. She also needs to see about getting her notary. Sheet goes around for signatures. All council members signed. 


(4) Water supervisor- Mayor- I want to talk about the water supervisor. We have Mark Hall from Soperton that was signing off on our water reports, because we don’t have anybody certified in Adrian. But Mark is not working for the City of Soperton anymore, and right now Mitchell Brantley. He works for Soperton and he will be signing off on the water test until we can get someone certified. He is going to charge the same thing Mark did.  I just want to let everyone know from now on it will be Mitchell Brantley instead or Mark Hall. CM Yawn- I want to  motion that we will be replacing Mark Hall with Mitchell Brantley to oversee our water certification. Mayor- Repeats motion and ask for a second. CM Love- seconds. All voted. Motion passed. 


Mayor- Stephanie you wanted to talk about the CARES ACT go ahead. Clerk Jean- As you know we were going to apply for the CARES act and this is for the COVID assistance. Reimbursements or anything we have done since the COVID started. We have gotten our first payment and it came in at $10,490.48. I had 24 hours to get in the other 70% and I just heard the decision on the approval for $13,000 bringing our total to $23,490.48. 



Mayor- Before we go into the reports of the Department Heads, there is another thing I want to be real real clear on right here. The $500 purchase that can be made at one time. Ok is that $500 per month, per item, week? What is that? Because I have been told a couple of different things and I just want to be clear. CM Hutchinson- In the past it has been $500 per month, but the mayor was allowed to give $500 a month. CM Yawn- For unseen items, that is not talking about budgeted items. CM Hutchinson- That ain’t got anything to do with what they are talking about. Mayor- That’s not what I mean. I just want to know if that it’s per month, per item, weekly, per day. What is it?  CM Hutchinson- Per month. In the past it’s been per month. CM Sumner- Suzanne we changed that. We actually took away the mayor’s privilege of doing the $500 per month. We made a motion that was anything $500 or less then Stephanie could approve it. CM Hutchinson- Right. CM Sumner- I guess if we had 2 different pieces of equipment that cost $499 each she could approve both no matter if it was same week, a month, or whatever but once it hits that $500 then she should go to you and say I need an approval from you and the council. Council needs to be notified and she needs to get approval. I think it needs to go through you so you can log down council said each council member responded back this, so you have a record of who approved it so that it is all coming back through 1 text or 1 message from you so that we all know. And then you tell Stephanie ok so these council members approved it so you are good. Clerk Jean- That’s good so I don’t have to text everybody. CM Sumner- Takes something off your plate, because I know you are busy. Mayor- Is that ok with everybody? All agreed it was ok


Mayor- Paul (city attorney) I need to ask you something about the charter. Any updates with the charter do you know the time frame so we can get something to you to get done, and if you do when is it? Paul Calhoun- Before the first of the year. Mayor- So before January? Paul Calhoun-yes. Mayor- We just have so many things outdated we need to talk about and update. So before January 2021. So we will get together and decide the things we need to update at this time, and get them to you.  


Mayor- Now electronic payments of any invoices or anything Stephanie what kind of payments do we do electronically? Clerk Jean- I do Georgia Power electronically. That’s really all I do electronically. Mayor- My main concern is the paper trail, because all the other ones we have the invoice, check, you know a paper trail. Clerk Jean- um huh. Mayor- I was just thinking maybe we need to pay all bills with a check so we have a paper trail. Clerk Jean- I do have a paper trail. I print off all receipts when I pay with credit card. CM Sumner- Do you pay your credit card online or with a check? Clerk Jean- It just depends, but I try to mail it in because they charge us $10 to pay it electronically. Clerk Jean- Anytime I pay anything via web I have a printed receipt. Mayor- Well I was just thinking if we have all invoices and all bills why not give them a check? Clerk Jean- Because it saves a check, stamp, and time. It is just the easiest way. CM Sumner- As long as they don’t charge that’s great. Mayor- And the way you have the credit card set up like that one time? Clerk Jean- It goes through the General Account checking account. Mayor- Is there a charge for that? Clerk Jean- Yes there is still a $10 charge for that. Mayor- So you don’t think it is better that we use a check. Then, the expense you have is the check, envelope, and stamp? Clerk Jean- Because the only one I really pay via internet is the Georgia Power, and it is free. CM Love- And with Georgia Power they give you a confirmation number and all. Clerk Jean- And yes I keep all of my paperwork and I would be glad to let yall see them anytime. Mayor- I was trying to see if that was the best way to handle it. So what do yall think about it? Everybody good? CM Love- I am fine with it. CM Sumner- I am fine with it but I think everything else needs to be paid with a check. Mayor- So ok if everybody is fine with it. Everyone agreed. Clerk Jean- So am I supposed to continue doing what I do or what? CM Sumner- If it is free to pay on-line go ahead but if they charge write them a check.  


Mayor- Also, before we get started Johnny has started giving me a list of fire hydrants that he flushes and he will be giving us these every month so we will know which ones have been flushed. 



X.  Reports:

Department Head Reports

(A) Fire Department- Chief Yawn- Everything is going good with the fire department. Nunez had a big fire the other night. We sent 1 truck and 2 personnel. Everybody is the surrounding counties were there so myself and 4 others stayed around to cover the rest of the county.  

(B) Street/Water Department- CM Yawn- Nothing new that I really know of. Mayor- We just trying to patch some holes and get some streets cleaned off, hopefully we will be able to get back started on the streets again this week. CM Sumner- Well I was just about to say  I have been getting complaints about those ditches not being done. I know they try maintain those here in town, but they are responsible for those out of town. But I just been getting complaints the ditches are being done. Mayor- Tell them to hold on they have a spreadsheet. Stephanie and I went down every street by street and if ditches need to be cleaned out of whatever we checked everything. But they will get back to the other streets soon. CM Sumner- Well the last complaint I got, I told them to go up to the City Hall and talk to Wynola. Mayor- Tell them to come right on. 

(C) Police Department- Chief Strickland- We had a pretty busy month for the month of August. We had 23 calls for service. We had 38 traffic stops. We had a total of 26 citations last month. 22 of those were for speeding. But every one of them were over 17 mph the speed limit. So we are trying to slow them down and make contact. My plan is to have 1 road check per month. I did fix the ac in the charger. 

(D) Safety Department- Stephanie Jean- Clerk Jean- Felicia usually does this but she says that is everything is ready for the grant but she has to watch 2 webinars and do reports on them, getting the list of supplies from the Police and Fire Departments. And it has to be turned in by October 31. The extinguishers under the Safety Grant have to be inspected. So there was 3-5lb. and 3-10lb. 2 of the 5lb went to the police cars, and the other 5lb. went to the mayor's office. A 10lb. went into the police department. One went to the shop. The other went to the Community Center. So we should be hearing something shortly from that. 

(E) Recreation Department- Mayor- We are going to skip the Rec. Department. CM Love- Are we going to do anything for Halloween? CM Yawn- I have done trick or treating since I took over the fire department and I don’t see any reason we can’t let kids come up and get candy, but it is the council. I don’t want to cause anybody to get sick. CM Hutchinson- Well we had thought about a couple of them to go ahead and have trick or treat because we are always spaced 6 ft apart, and having fireworks that night. CM Love- Maybe fireworks that night or a movie in the park. CM Sumner- I am fine with doing it. Yall apparently see I don’t wear my mask. CM Hutchinson- I don’t either. CM Sumner- I just be busted up in stores without one. I am just a firm believer if you gone get it you gone get it. Mayor- So what are we going to do? What is your decision. CM Sumner- I think we need to wait until next month and make a decision. Mayor- So we are going to postpone it until next meeting. 


Council Members:

(A) Zelda Sumner- Just that about the grass being cut. 

(B) Suzanne Hutchinson- I know one time we talked about getting a phone in the Community Center. And I want to readdress that because if we ever have a conference call here we won’t have to worry about getting it on our cell phone and for 2 our cell phone service is so bad, and if people that rent will have a phone to use in case they need to. Maybe to check around on the prices of it and to see what we can do. CM Yawn-Stephanie needs to check on it and see if we can afford it. I would like to see a phone line over here. Especially with all these conference calls. CM Sumner- And no long distance calls can be made unless you have a code for it. CM Hutchinson- So do I need to make a motion for Stephanie to check in to it? CM Sumner- I don’t think so just ask the mayor and Stephanie to check in to and get back with us. Mayor- That’s what we will do and get back to you about it. 

(C) Jesse Yawn- Nothing

(D) Michelle Love- I do have a set of speed bumps at my house, compliments of Emery’s. We are getting signs. I think there is like 6 signs that says there is a speed bump ahead. Clerk Jean- What are we going to do with them? CM Sumner- Well if she got them

we could put them on her street. She has worked hard for them. We can address them as we get them. I will make sure he picks up the signs this week. Mayor- Ok let us know so we can let Johnny and the guys know. 

(E) Ed Brown- When they going to start on Church Street? Mayor- I will get the guys in the office in the morning and Johnny can call Shannon and see when he is available. 


Mayor- Wynola Smith- Nothing


XI. Adjournment: CM Yawn- I make a motion we go home. Mayor- Repeats motion. CM  

      Love- Seconds. All in Favor. Mayor- The time is now 7:05 and this meeting is adjourned.

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